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Open Transport

Our “Master Car Haulers” follow a detailed checklist, treating each vehicle with the same care as brand-new cars. Open car carrier shipping is the affordable choice for those not concerned about exposing their vehicle to the elements. Open Car Transport is ideal for budget-conscious customers, providing a pocket-friendly option without compromising quality service. However, it`s essential to note that this option may not be suitable for vehicles with high-end paint jobs, lowered suspension, waxed finishes, specialty & loose parts, T-Top cars, or soft-top convertibles.

Enclosed Transport

Elevated safety & peace of mind for your vehicles with our Enclosed Carrier Car Shipping service. This premium option ensures unparalleled protection throughout the journey. Your vehicle will be securely transported inside a locked trailer, shielding it from external elements and prying eyes. Known as “Protected Transport,” this method guarantees the utmost safety, as your vehicle remains protected. While Enclosed Carrier Car Shipping may come at a slightly higher cost compared to Open Transport, the additional comfort and heightened security it offers make it a worthwhile investment. Choose Enclosed Carrier Car Shipping for a seamless blend of safety, discretion, and luxury in auto transport.
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enclosed transport auto express

Exotic Enclosed Transport

We accomodate all exotic, luxury vehicles, ensuring peace of mind through transport.

Heavy Equipment

We are equipped to handle all oversized transportation with direct flatbed trucks, extendable drop trailers, and step deck trailers.

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Boat Transport

Direct boat shipping across all states in the U.S. We work with carriers that have the equipment to accommodate all types of boats with their trailers.

RV/Motorhome Transport

We can transport RVs and Motorhomes, operable and inoperable. It’s important you provide us the dimensions and weight so that we can place you with the right trailer.

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Motorcycle Transport

You may transport your motorcycle on an open trailer or enclosed trailer, pricing is subject to location, weight of bike, and shipping timeframe.

Car Shows

We handle the logistics of making sure we meet your drop off and pick up times for car shows across the country.

auto express gallery
auto express gallery

ATV Transport

ATVs/UTVs can be transported on an open or enclosed trailer.

Classic Car Enclosed Transport

Choosing enclosed transport for your vintage vehicle ensures the ultimate protection. Your vehicle will be protected from harsh weather conditions, safe from road conditions and debris during transport.
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rv transport auto express

Bus Transport

Looking for bus transport? We can help with that too.

Lifted Vehicles

If you have an oversize vehicle with lifts and large tires, let us know those details so we can ensure the right trailer will be able to transport according to height restrictions we are subjected to.
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Military Vehicles

Our team of carriers have the necessary equipment to transport military grade vehicles with significant weight, height, and attachments.


Shipping to and from the ports? We have TWIC authority that allows us to enter all ports across the country to pick up and deliver vehicles internationally.
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Travel Trailers

Our skilled professionals have years of experience in safely towing travel trailers. It can be a daunting task so trust us experts that know the roads and have the proper equipment to make your move safe and seamless.

Construction Equipment

Businesses trust us to keep in line with their project timelines by getting their equipment to the job site safe and timely.

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