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Auto Express Inc. is a Truck Brokerage owned by a known Master Car Hauler that Owns Multiple Trucks running the Country. Our Family has been in Car Hauling for over 40 years – We Do Auto Transport the Right Way. The Law requires anyone dealing with the Public to have a Bond that protects the Consumer.  That does not mean that every Trucking Company has a Bond, but it is a requirement to be legal. Every Consumer should verify that there is an Active Bond under the name of the Company they were solicited for a Quote. That is a very important part of protection. Part of what you pay for is Protection.  For instance, if you hire a Contractor to do work on your home, he is supposed to be insured, licensed and bonded.  That way if he hurts himself or others working in your home or creates more damage, you are protected.  You hire someone not Bonded then you are Liable for Damages. Scam Brokers market their Bond as active Insurance.  This is Very different from Truck Insurance. The Consumer believes that their Car Insurance will cover their Vehicle in Transport.  That is not always the case.  They believe because the Broker advertises, they have Insurance that means they are Protected.  That is a manipulation of words.  If you believe everything advertised, we also sell bridges.  Trucking Companies that Value their customers have a Bonded Brokerage Company and a Trucking Company under separate liability.

Having a Bond and access to a Truck Load Board makes some feel that they are a Trucking Company.  That would be like a CNA thinking they are a Doctor.  That is why more than 50% of orders booked for Auto Transportation are not picked up on time.  Unfortunately, when the Consumer is looking to have their vehicle shipped, they run into 98% Telemarketing Companies who are Third Party Brokers with no true affiliation w/ real Trucking Companies – though they have names associated with Trucking.  Hence, when you look at Auto Express Inc. pictures, you will see Trucks safely loading vehicles and lots where we park our trucks to load vehicles throughout the Country.  When you look at other companies, their websites boast telemarketing rooms, fake images, trucks that do not belong to them, and trucks from Europe that are not in the United States. 

Anyone that owns trucks in the United States usually spends $100k+ Minimum, to get that truck running efficiently.  No one spends $100k on a Truck then Advertises a Telemarketing Room or uses Fake Images to Advertise their Business.  Car Haulers are Very Prideful as we risk our Lives daily in our Job.  We take Pride in what we do.  It is a very hard job that is painful.

Because most people Focus only on Price, it allows Telemarketing Companies who do not have any connection to trucking to obtain a Bond that is the only Federal requirement to post on a load board legally. The Federal Gov. recommends Insurances and coverages, but not required.  For this reason, Telemarketing Companies advertise things they do not truly have access to or services they cannot truly execute on.  This allows anyone to say they are involved in Trucking.  To Be Efficient at Trucking, you must Own Trucks and have Experience on the Road. Respected Car Haulers are like a respected Surgeon or Mechanic. 

Unfortunately, not all trucking companies are Professional.  Trucking companies scam also. An undocumented immigrant can buy a CDL for $5k in a Border City.  There are many companies’ setup switching 1 insurance on 40 trucks.  When something goes wrong, they set everything on fire causing great loss to the general consumer, hence the horror story in most of these digital marketing companies reviews. That is why they buy fake reviews.  There is no way for a Telemarketing firm with no hands-on experience to be able to distinguish who is who in trucking.  That is why no matter what you see in these companies’ marketing – they have reviews of damaging cars and bad communication.  They supplement by using Marketing Websites like Transport Reviews where they can manipulate and buy reviews. 

Prior to our owner offering service to the Public – most of these companies had 1-2 Star Ratings. Since then, The Largest Telemarketing Companies portraying as Trucking Companies have worked extremely hard to put on a profile to seem like Truckers with intensified marketing and buying Fake Reviews.  Prior, no one had to lie that they were a trucking company.  They lie that they are a trucking company because they know you have access to us, and we do things the right way.  They know firsthand we are Car Haulers, and we know every trick they play firsthand. The same drivers sending quotes from Auto Express Inc. are the same drivers that have bailed them out for years.  They market no deposit, so they have no recourse when they do not show up and cause you great damage. No deposit taken, no review. The merchant only allows a few disputed charges for not showing up. They aren’t allowed to take a deposit anymore.  That is why they market No Upfront Cost.

You cannot imagine how sickening it is for us to risk our lives, for the face of our industry to be digital marketing companies that give us a bad reputation.  Auto Express Inc. separates themselves from the companies marketing that they are Trucking Companies.  You see we are hands on Shipping Cars. 

Auto Transport & Vehicle Transportation is so much more than a Quote.  For instance, for your vehicle to be properly insured in Transport details are needed as in any Insurance.  Common sense says any quote given based on zip codes has no insurance or protection.  There is so much to cover but whatever we have tried to educate the public with – is stolen by telemarketers then spun into a pitch that has little understanding. That is why when you are shipping your car it is important that you do a little research and use a little common sense.  Work with the Professionals, like when choosing a Lawyer, Doctor, Dentist, Barber, Contractor, or any of the sort. 

Auto Express Inc.  is committed to Excellence in Car Shipping, Auto Transportation, or Vehicle Transport.  Whether it be Car, Truck, Boat, Motorcycle, RV, Travel Trailer, Oversized, Heavy Haul, Construction Equipment or ATV Transportation.  Our reviews tell you that anyone that transports their vehicle with us gets exactly what they expected and more. The best part of your move will always be working with Auto Express Inc.  You can depend on that.  We are hands-on and guarantee our Service and Efficiency.  You can count on it.  Car Hauling, Auto Transportation, Car Shipping, Vehicle Transport – Is Not a Sales Business to Us. 

Those that Value Shipping their Vehicle the right way – know who to trust – Auto Express Inc.

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